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Concrete Pole


Concrete post and wire fencing systems are generally preferred to provide security in lands, airports and residential areas.

Concrete pole wire fences are mostly preferred as a method of land closure, to ensure land and area security. Concrete post wire fence prices are more costly than pipe post wire fences, but they are more robust and long-lasting. It has a price tariff that is not affected by situations such as wind, hail, snow, rain, flood and appeals to every budget. Concrete pole systems, which add aesthetics to the area where they are located, can be used in every area where external security is desired.

It does not require maintenance.
The concrete poles we produce are better quality and more economical than other poles.
There are various types of concrete poles.

-Flat concrete pole

-Curved (Nato type) Concrete Pole

-Concrete post fences are more costly than pipe post fences, but they are more robust and durable.

LengthBottomMiddleTop WeightNumber of Holes
350 cm10_1610_1210_10120 kg13 Pieces
315 cm10_1610_1210_10105 kg12 Pieces
300 cm10_1510_1210_1090 kg11 Pieces
280 cm10_1510_1010_1072 kg10 Pieces
250 cm10_1410_1010_965 kg9 Pieces
240 cm10_109_98_842 kg8 Pieces
LengthBottomMiddleWeightNumber of Holes
300 cm10_1410_10658 Pieces
240 cm10_1410_10658 Pieces
200 cm9_98,5_8,5428 Pieces
160 cm10_1410_10658 Pieces
280 cm10_99,5_99_940 kg
240 cm9_99_99_935 kg
220 cm9_99_99_935 kg
200 cm9_99_99_930 kg