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Grass Fence


Grass Fence

The design of the decorative grass fence has a different style than other normal fences.
The product has a natural, green feel. It has a more natural and different appearance than other galvanized flat wire fences such as wire mesh and barbed wire.
As a product that creates the perception of natural grass in individuals, decorative grass is used in the arrangements of sports fields, playgrounds, gardens, pool areas, villas and sites. This product, which is used in many areas like this, is designed primarily to make its customers feel the peace created by green, and then to be an indispensable decoration product in the sector. The colors in the grass fence are usually green and your garden creates a natural atmosphere.

The purpose of the grass fence:

-Your fences have a natural appearance.
– It provides a maintenance-free green environment.
– You combine security and decoration.


50cm-75cm 100cm-120cm-150cm-200 cm


 50x50x1.50mm Static powder oven paint over galvanized


RAL 6005 (Green)

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