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Panel Fence


What is Panel Fence?

It is manufactured from galvanized wires in fully automatic machines using spot welding technology. They are also known as 3D fences and have “V” shaped bends for added strength.
Moreover, it is quite light and quite durable. Metal thicknesses of the most appropriate cross-section have been used in panel fences and connection poles against corrosion, which affects the life of the material. Protective galvanizing was done on the metals, and then polyester-based paint, resistant to external environments, was applied with an electrostatic baking system. In this way, it has a long life against rust and color fading. Color code is Ral 6005.
Some of the reasons why panel cit is used in the market are as follows:
It can be used because it has a decorative and modern appearance. Since it has high durability, it can be used for many years. It has been resistant to natural events and external influences for many years.
Our products are packaged, placed on pallets and delivered to our valued customers as quickly as possible.

Panel Fence Usage Areas

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Special Security Zones

Spor Kompleksleri

Sports Complexes

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Custom Fields


Construction Sites

Residential Areas

Park, Garden, Villa

Technical Specifications​

Wire Thicknesses4mm4 mm4.30mm4.50 mm5mm  6mm
Between The Eyes6x15cm6x15cm6×15 cm6×15 cm5×15 – 6x15cm5x15cm – 6×15 cm
Heights50cm75 cm100 cm120 cm150cm200 cm
Number of Twists222334
Number of Clips222334
Panel Length2000-2500 mm2000-2500 mm2000-2500 mm2000-2500 mm2000-2500 mm2000-2500 mm
Heights Used in Thickness50cm 75 cm 100cm   120 cm 150 cm 200 cm50cm 75 cm 100cm   120 cm 150 cm 200 cm50cm 75 cm 100cm   120 cm 150 cm 200 cm50cm 75 cm 100cm   120 cm 150 cm 200 cm50cm 75 cm 100cm   120 cm 150 cm 200 cm50cm 75 cm 100cm   120 cm 150 cm 200 cm

Connection Equipments

It is produced from polyemit material that is resistant to UV rays.

Our covers are produced from polyemide material that is resistant to UV rays.

  • Our dowels are 10 x 70 mm.
  • Dowels are used to fix the posts.
  • It is not affected by vibrations.
  • It is zinc coated against rust.
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Fence Wire

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