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High Security Fence


High Security Fence

It is a fence system that aims to limit the dangers that may occur around it by providing strong security measures in the region or area where it is applied. High security fences are also known as “358 fences”. High security panel fence It is a fence that you can choose safely against all kinds of dangers. We greatly improve our quality by producing our fences in the specified size, mesh and thickness and then applying hot-dip galvanization or PVC. The color code is usually Ral6005. High security fences are used in places that require extra protection, such as military bases, international security zones, nuclear power plants, facilities, border crossings, warehouses and airports. The distance between the eyes is kept as small as possible to prevent the wires from climbing and cutting with any iron scissors.
In order to further increase the security level of the areas we enclose, it is offered to our customers to install razor wire on the system. High security fence, which provides high level of security, can be used in many different areas.

We can produce heights up to 350 cm upon request.

Usage Areas

Border Security

High Level Security Areas

Nuclear Power Plants

Military Areas

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International Security Areas

Technicial Specifications

Wire Thicknesses4x 4mm4x 6mm4 x 8mm  
Between The Eyes12 x 62 mm12 x 62 mm12 x 62 mm  
Heights75 cm100 cm120 cm150 cm200 cm
Number of Twists22334
Number of Clips34567
Fence Lengths2000-2500 mm2000-2500 mm2000-2500 mm2000-2500 mm2000-2500 mm

High Security Panel Fence Fasteners

It is produced from polyemit material over steel, resistant to UV rays.

Our covers are produced from polyamide material that is resistant to UV rays.

  • Our dowels are 10 x 70 mm.
  • Dowels are used to fix the poles.
  • It is not affected by vibrations.
  • Zinc coated against rust.
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Fence Wire

Fence Wire They are long-lasting products...