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Razor Wire


Razor Wire

It is sharper than standard barbed wire. It takes its name from its appearance. The tips are very sharp and are made to damage clothes and the body.

The razor blades of razor wire are designed to seriously injure anyone who tries to climb them. Therefore, it has a deterrent psychological effect. It is used in high security applications. It is very difficult to pass through a razor wire without using a cutting tool. It can be easily used in rural areas and residential areas with its ease of application and aesthetic appearance. It does not lose its sharpness for a long time and does not rust. Razor wire is divided into two: planar and helical. It is also made from stainless steel to reduce corrosion caused by rust.

Spiral Razor Wire is produced in different diameters and qualities, including 45cm, 60cm and 97.5 cm. It is an ideal choice for use in areas where high security is important. Usage: It is used in military areas, sites, factories and villas for protection purposes.

The inner wire is 2.50±0.05 mm Galvanized Wire, the Sheet is 0.50 mm ±0.08 mm Galvanized Sheet.

Helical Razor Wire Features

Diameter975 mm600 mm450mm
Number of Wraps565656
Maximum Opening Distance13-15 mt7-10 mt5-7 mt
Ideal Opening Distance9.5 mt6.5 mt5 mt
Roll Length15 kg10 kg7 kg
Clipping(Clip-on at ~72°)(Clip-on at ~72°)(Clip-on at ~120°)

Planar Razor Wire Features

Diameter975 mm600 mm450mm
Number of Wraps567473
Maximum Opening Distance13-15 mt7-10 mt5-7 mt
Ideal Opening Distance8 mt10 mt7 mt
Roll Lenght10 kg12 kg12 kg
Number of Clips533
Clipping(Clip-on at ~72°)(Clip-on at ~72°)(Clip-on at ~120°)

Usage Areas

Border Security

High Level Security Areas

Nuclear Power Plants

Military Areas

Üst düzey güvenlik simgesi

International Security Areas

International Security Areas

Villas and Private Properties



Quality: D70-2E according to DIN 17140


Breaking Strength: 160kg/mm2 (min)

Galvanized Thickness: 200gr/m2 (min)

Clips: It is made of stainless steel (AISI304,AISI430) and hot-dip galvanized sheet and allows the connection of Razor Wires to each other or to another material. It is also used in the manufacture of helical razor wire. Clips are suitable for joining razor wires of all types and sizes.

Technical Specifications

0.50 mm Stainless Steel (AISI304 Quality)
0.50 mm Stainless Steel (AISI430 Quality)
0.50 mm Galvanized Sheet
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