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Fast Delivery

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What does High Quality, Fast delivery mean?

Today, human life is a very dynamic field. We act faster in every sense, both in our business and private lives, we make faster decisions and we expect all our interlocutors to be faster.

The situation is the same in our sector, environmental safety. People cannot tolerate slowness in this fast-flowing life. That’s why Industry 4.0 is being implemented in industry. Instead of humans, they use machines or robots that do work faster.

In fact, the issue of fast delivery has become the key to success in Business Life and now the truth is that one of the most important criteria of Competition is fast delivery.

When we evaluated ourselves on this issue, we had to revise our methods and resources based on 4 basics in order to gain speed.

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We modernized this process with major physical changes to enable more mass production, with the first step being the revision of the production line. We have successfully completed this process by making the metal that enters from one end of our factory come out as a product from the other end.

With the human resources revision, we accelerated the adaptation period to this new production model by training our former employees and came very close to our goal in this regard with our new colleagues. The revision of the stock and warehouse method and the revision of the logistics processes was a challenging and patient process that we carried out to make the products that came out faster, more accessible and ready for transportation. Our optimization during these periods is many times higher than the previous one.

Our development phase in this regard has been completed by increasing our transportation channels for fast logistics, which is the last stage, and improving our working model with companies we have experience with.

We proudly say that we are the fastest delivery company in the world.